In the Lab

“In the Lab” allows us to keep you informed of future products we are currently evaluating. We are committed bringing you only the finest products that improve the lives of cancer survivors and their loved ones!

ChemoBrain™ Rebuild – is a proprietary blend of vitamins and 23 free-form amino acids. Amino acids are the metabolic building blocks of the body. We have been evaluating the effectiveness of this product for the past 10 months and found that it has met our expectations. We will have this product available in the future.

ChemoBrain™ Hemp – is a proprietary Hemp Oil extract with a unique and patented Structured Water Delivery System. This structured water technology provides for rapid and increased absorption. Results to date have met our expectations, and in some cases, exceeded them. Availability should be in the near future.

ChemoBrain™ Cleanse – is a proprietary formula of premium and powerful herbal extracts designed to cleanse the body with a focus on the liver. We will have this product available in the future.