Impacting Lives

Our first and foremost mission at ChemoBrain, Co. is to bring a positive change into the lives of those who have been affected by cancer and the treatments that have saved them. We are dedicated to these courageous people and thrive on hearing how our products have helped them regain their “Old Normal”.

Dr Christopher Lieu talks about ChemoBrain Clear's impact in Sara's life after chemotherapy treatment.

How ChemoBrain Clear has impacted their lives over the past 2+ years.

Interview with Kathy Ireland

Founder Interview with ABC4 Utah

ChemoBrain ClearTM Helped Elizabeth Remember

ChemoBrain ClearTM increased Rich's quality of life

ChemoBrain ClearTM helped AnneMarie remember numbers again

ChemoBrain ClearTM Made a significant impact on Elizabeth's joint pain, short term memory, and hair & nail growth

Rich has seen greater levels of energy from taking ChemoBrain ClearTM

AnneMarie doesn't need to rely on notes to function anymore with ChemoBrain ClearTM

ChemoBrain ClearTM helped Elizabeth regain control of her life

ChemoBrain ClearTM helped Rich regain his sense of time

ChemoBrain ClearTM helped AnneMarie regain her sense of direction