1. What is ChemoBrain™ Clear?   ChemoBrain™ Clear is an All Natural, Multi-Targeted Nutritional consisting of Broad Spectrum Micronutrient (BSM) for Brain Health, a Vascular Health product designed specifically to improve the delicate micro-structures of the vascular/microvascular system and a Probiotic specifically designed to heal the gut to allow for better absorption of nutrients and improve the immune system.

  2. Does ChemoBrain™ Clear cure chemobrain?   ChemoBrain™ Clear does not cure chemobrain, but has been shown to reduce the symptoms associated with chemobrain.

  3. When can I take ChemoBrain™ Clear? ChemoBrain™ Clear is indicated for use following your chemotherapy treatment. Even though Chemobrain™ Clear is an All Natural product, there may be ingredients that could possibly interfere with the efficacy of your chemotherapy regimen. Your physician should be consulted if ChemoBrain™ Clear is to be used during or in-between chemotherapy treatments.

  4. Why do I have to take 10 pills a day?  Unlike pharmaceuticals where they can concentrate their products into very small pills, natural products, in most cases, require multiple capsules to achieve a therapeutic dose.

  5. How should I take ChemoBrain™ Clear? ChemoBrain™ Clear is recommended to be taken twice a day. One packet in the morning with food. The second packet taken in the afternoon by 5:00 pm, with food.

  6. After I start taking ChemoBrain™ Clear, how soon should I see results?  From our research, most individuals see/feel results in the first 30 days. Some individuals saw results within 60 days. Results vary by individual. Some have seen dramatic results and others have seen subtle results. Sometimes caregivers are the first to notice results.

  7. Why is ChemoBrain™ Biome different from all the other probiotics on the market?   ChemoBrain™ Biome is a 9 strain, 9 Billion CFU per serving (2 caplets) with Bio-Tract™ Technology. It also includes our Proprietary Beta Glucan that acts as both a prebiotic and immune system booster.

  8. Why does Chemobrain™ Biome have only 9 billion CFU per serving?  ChemoBrain™ Biome utilizes the patented, dual function Bio-tract™ Technology. When a caplet of ChemoBrain™ Biome is exposed to moisture, it forms a protective gelatin shield around the caplet to protect the good bacteria from the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach. Once the caplet enters the small intestine, it slowly releases the bacteria over a twelve-hour period. Most probiotics require a high bacteria count because most are killed in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach.

  9. What is a “synbiotic”? A Synbiotic is a prebiotic that works synergistically with the good bacteria to help them grow and flourish. It also works to improve the immune system in the body.

  10. What makes your ChemoBrain™ Nourish different from all the other Meal Replacements on the market? ChemoBrain™ Nourish was specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of cancer survivors and their loved ones. 

  11. What are ChemoBrain™ Shield Lozenges? Our proprietary lozenge contains raw New Zealand Manuka Honey, Cooling organic Mint and infused with 60 PPM of SilverSol Technology® to support the immune system.