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Mission Statement

We are no ordinary company. We believe in innovation, quality, and excellence. We are committed to searching for real solutions. Driven by passion and customer focus, we design and manufacture high-quality products that improve everyday life of cancer survivors and their loved ones.

Who We Are

The ChemoBrain co.™ is committed to searching for real solutions for cognitive impairment among individuals who have undergone cancer treatment.

Inspired by personal experience, ChemoBrain™ Clear is the result of several years of research focused on helping those who suffer from symptoms of cognitive impairment after undergoing cancer treatment.

ChemoBrain Clear is a symbiotic three-product regimen focused on brain health, gut health and vascular health inspired by our mission to find a real solution for cognitive impairment among individuals who have undergone cancer treatment.

Our Logo

Sea glass is an exquisite symbol of eternal hope. Individually beautiful, tumbled against the grains and sands of time, tossed and turned, scuffed and scraped, until it no longer shatters. Like so many people faced with impossible challenges, who discover themselves to be resolute in will, sea glass gathers strength from adversity and is leant a quiet beauty that graces all it comes in contact with.

The ChemoBrain Story

I spent 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, the majority in oncology, with another three years in the cancer diagnostic industry. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with cancer researchers, physicians, and their patients. Many described an often overlooked but devastating side effect of cancer treatment commonly known as chemobrain.

Cognitive impairment impacts individuals in sometimes demoralizing ways, stealing their ability to focus and robbing them of their ability to live life as they know it. These symptoms can devastate relationships, even with caregivers. I often thought about solutions to this problem and about how science could help people in treatment maintain their mental acuity and quality of life.

After a remarkable experience with broad-spectrum micronutrients (BSM), I wondered if the formulation that had helped me could help someone suffering from chemobrain.

Working with researchers, I began to investigate. In doing so I found an entirely new source of passion and purpose. During my discussions with oncologists, cancer patients, and through microbiological research, I was introduced to strategies that could improve the performance of BSMs by focusing on the vital nutrients our bodies need. I learned how our bodies absorb nutrients, and how our lifestyles can interfere with our delicate internal systems. I identified three crucial areas of focus:

The Neurological System is at the center of healthy body function. When it is impaired, quality of life plummets, but so does the body’s ability to function at all levels. The brain requires the right ratio and balance of vitamins and minerals in order to operate at its best.

The Gastrointestinal System is often referred to as the second brain. Unfortunately most gut microbiomes are in terrible shape. Our diets consist of highly processed foods loaded with preservatives, antibiotics and hormones. High sugar foods and beverages destroy good bacteria, leading to an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast. Because of the poor conditions of our gut, vital nutrients that our bodies desperately need are not readily absorbed.

The Vascular System deteriorates as we age. This deterioration accelerates with the introduction of environmental factors such as air pollution, smoking, and alcohol use. For the cancer patient, toxic systemic chemotherapy treatment can wreak havoc on the vascular system. We need an intact vascular/microvascular system to effectively distribute nutrients for maximum benefit.

When I was confident I had found a system with promise, I enlisted my wife, Michele, a registered nurse and breast cancer survivor, in founding The ChemoBrain Co. in April of 2018. In our journey toward finding a real solution for cognitive impairment among individuals undergoing cancer treatment, we have worked with a number of high profile individuals in testing our product. We identified people struggling with chemobrain symptoms over an extended period of time, male and female, across several cancer types. We thoroughly tested our formulations and have been more than pleased with the results.

The result of this effort is ChemoBrain™ Clear, a three-product regimen focused on brain health, gut health and vascular health.

Neuro: Our broad-spectrum micronutrient (BSM) is second to none, with a proven track record and patented micronization and nano-chelation process that makes the particles very easy for the body to absorb and incorporate.

Biome: Our gut health product was specifically designed for cancer patients (although it’s great for everyone) to provide a healthy, rich and diverse microbiome. We call it a synbiotic because our premium prebiotic works synergistically with a proprietary probiotic formula to deliver truly outstanding results.

Pulse: Our vascular product was specifically designed by a biochemist with over forty years experience. It includes a clinically proven formulation of polysaccharides, amino sugars, and antioxidants clinically proven to help heal and repair the vascular/microvascular system.

All ChemoBrain™ Clear ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and undergo extensive quality control testing. We also ensure that our manufacturing partners meet the highest possible standards. You can trust that we are continuing our research to improve and add to these outstanding products.

Will it work for you? We truly hope so. We all know that results can vary. For those who suffer from chemobrain and for those who care for loved ones who are suffering, our sincere efforts are for you.

David Salo

Co-Founder and President

The ChemoBrain Co.™