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ChemoBrain™ CLEAR Max Brain Health Formula provides nutrients that your brain needs for health and healing.  This first and one of a kind formula was engineered specifically for you after or between Chemotherapy treatments, as your healthcare provider determines, to provide precisely what you need to help fight chemotherapy side effects such as chemo brain, otherwise known as brain fog. 

As Seen on Kathy Ireland & Good Things Utah

Kathy Ireland

Watch ChemoBrain Co founders David and Michelle Salo as they sit down on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland. They discuss how their revolutionary product, ChemoBrain Clear, improves the lives of those who have endured chemotherapy and are now suffering from the cognitive impairments that come to many cancer survivors.

Good Things Utah

ChemoBrain Founders, David and Michelle Salo, sit down with Nicea DeGering on Good Things Utah to discuss the need for cancer survivors to find relief and answers for their chemo brain symptoms. Watch the clip to learn how ChemoBrain products are designed specifically for the relief and comfort of those cancer survivors who have undergone chemotherapy and are still grappling with the cognitive impairments that often come with their “new normal”.

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What People are Saying

“…one of the things that she did was to take the supplement ChemoBrain [Clear]…  One of the things we saw over the next couple of months was a return of the Sara that I knew and met at the beginning of all of this…”

- Christopher Lieu, GI Medical Oncology, University of Colorado Cancer Center

Losing words was frustrating. With ChemoBrain™ Clear I can think on my feet again. I analyze complex information with relative ease. If I'm explaining something to another person or presenting to a group, I'm able to get right to the point and stay on topic."

- AnneMarie C. - Breast Cancer Long Beach, NY 

I was a corporate lawyer when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. Chemo put my body and brain through a lot. I was lucky enough to have a friend introduce me to ChemoBrain™ Clear. My cognitive performance is back to 100%. I feel as sharp as ever!”

- Jonno B. - Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Los Angeles, CA

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